Teri Roseland

Teri Roseland, 59, of Churdan, passed away Feb. 23 at the Israrel Hospice Center in Ames. Teri was diagnosed with malignant melanoma cancer in 2005 and battled the disease for a long 9 years.

Teri was born in Fort Dodge on Jan. 22, 1955 to Marvin and Kay Roseland of Eagle Grove. She lived in Iowa for many years, until her family moved to Phoenix, AZ. Teri returned to Iowa her senior year where she lived with her grandmother and graduated from Paton-Chudan High School. She remained the rest of her years as a resident in Churdan. She was blessed with two children, Anthony Tasler of Polk City and Ashley Adams of Jefferson.

Teri’s joys in this world were her friends and family. She loved to cook and bake, online garage sailing and was spending the remainder of her days planning for the arrival of her granddaughter. She also doted a lot of her time and love to her dog, Chachi. Teri was also very passionate about spreading the word of Melanoma and educating anyone on the disease.

Teri is survived by her son Anthony; daughter Ashley; granddaughter Dakota; sister Vicki Sutton of Churdan; sister Lori Habermacher of Glendale, AZ; brother Jerry Roseland of Fallon, NV and many many friends and family.

Teri’s celebration of life will be held at 209 Main in Paton on Mar. 22 from 4-7 p.m. with dinner being served at 5 p.m.

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