PHOTOS BY TYLER ANDERSON | JEFFERSON HERALD Members of the Greene County football team display their different uniform combinations during the Rams’ media day, held on August 9 at the Greene County Gym in Jefferson. Pictured (from left) are Jack Hanson, Cody Allen, Gabe Ebersole, Nathan Behne, Noah Cornell and Trey Schilling.PHOTOS BY TYLER ANDERSON | JEFFERSON HERALD Senior captain Jack Hanson adjusts his helmet, showing off a Greene County’s updated version of their ram horn, during the Rams’ media day, held on August 9 at the Greene County Gym in Jefferson.


Rams unveil new uniforms ahead of fall campaign


Compared to years’ past, many teams on the gridiron hold off to display their new looks for their team roster pictures or for the first game of the regular season. 

Nowadays, with specialized photoshoots and hype videos, releasing “new drip” is a fun method of getting student-athletes excited for their new season.

The Greene County football program received the gift of drip in the form of special red uniforms, to complement their home “blackout” threads and road whites. The Rams unveiled new home blacks and white uniforms were last season.

On July 31, the Rams unveiled their red threads via Ram Fanatic, the district’s student-run media outlet. 

With the release of the new jerseys and pants, the Rams now possess six different combinations to wear on the field. 

Senior Jack Hanson was head over heels with the new, completed look -- channeling Deion Sanders’ mantra of looking good, feeling good and playing good.

“I love them,” Hanson said. “It looks really good, and it feels good. When you feel good, you play good.”

Teammate Noah Cornell admitted that the new uniforms felt better to wear, compared to their previous set. The Rams’ previous set was the Vapor template, supplied by Nike.

“(The new uniforms) fit a whole better than our old ones,” said Cornell. “They got a little beat up.”

Compared to the home blacks and the road whites, which display uniform numbers on the sleeves, the reds display the revamped Remi logo on a black sleeve cap. The new Remi, which is easier for Greene County to replicate on flags, T-shirts and other assorted items, was introduced back by the Greene County Community School District in 2020.

Across the front of the jersey is a white “Greene County” in all caps and in a customized font, above white numbers with a black outline. Remi also adorns the upper right hand corner of the solid red pants, aligning with the solid black pants released last year.

Greene County head football coach Caden Duncan provided the main reason why the Rams added a new set to the mix. It came down to the overwhelming support from the Ram faithful.

“We got a new set of black and white uniforms last year, and then decided to get a red set after the season, because we did well enough with our fundraising,” Duncan said. “Jefferson teams used to primarily wear red as their home uniform color, so we wanted to bring that back as an option for us. The players love having different uniform combos.”

One more change from years past is the white Ram horn on the black helmet. Compared to past campaigns where the horn is notched, the shofar is reminiscent of the Los Angeles Rams -- before their helmet update in 2020.

The players favored the “smoother” horn, as provided far more consistency and ease when applied upon the helmet shell. On the back bumper, the Rams will show off their “Pound the Stone” team slogan.

Despite the new look, the Rams aren’t telling anyone when the red jerseys be in action. Not yet, at least.

Are the complete set of uniforms a confidence booster for the Rams? Absolutely.

“If you feel good, you’re more confident,” said Hanson. “As a skill position player, I’m always looking for as much confidence as possible. If I can look better than anyone else, I feel like I can play better than everyone else.”

Cornell echoed Hanson’s words.

“If the uniform makes me look big, I’ll feel big and play like I’m big,” Cornell said. “I just like them.”

Greene County will start their season with a scrimmage against Ogden, set for 6 p.m. at Linduska Field in Jefferson.

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