Why I’m challenging Steve King

In November, Congressman Steve King was nearly defeated by a liberal Democrat in Iowa’s 4th District, a district that President Donald Trump won by 27 points. King won the race by just 3 points.

King’s caustic behavior nearly put Iowa’s most conservative congressional district in the hands of liberal Democrats. Furthermore, his behavior has continued to hurt the conservative cause and remains a threat to cost Iowa Republicans important races in 2020. With the race for president, United States Senate and Iowa’s other three congressional districts on the ballot, the stakes could not be higher in 2020.

It’s time to send an effective conservative to Congress to fight for us.

My record is clear: I’m a staunch conservative with a proven record of results.

As an Iowa state senator, I led the effort to give Iowa families historic tax relief. I’ve defended the unborn and the 2nd Amendment. I fought to defend the rule of law and ban sanctuary cities in Iowa. In each of these efforts, I was successful working side-by-side with my conservative colleagues.

Unfortunately, today, Iowa’s 4th Congressional district does not have an effective leader. 

Because of his caustic behavior, time and again, Congressman King has been unable to advance our conservative agenda. He’s spent nine terms, or nearly 20 years, in Congress and his record of accomplishment is dismal. 

Instead of conservative results, all we have gotten is empty rhetoric. Yet after all those speeches and promises from our congressman, we still don’t have a wall, Obamacare is not yet repealed and the federal deficit is still a runaway train.

We don’t need any more speeches.

We need results.

As your congressman, I’ll be an effective conservative leader who will deliver results for our communities each and every day. Now, more than ever, the president needs effective leaders in Congress who will not only support his agenda but actually get things done.

Over the past month, we have watched as liberal congressional Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will do everything in their power to destroy President Trump’s agenda.

It is imperative that we send our most effective conservative leaders to Congress to help advance our conservative agenda. We cannot let Congressman King’s behavior allow this district to be represented by a liberal Democrat who will vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker.

It’s time to elect an effective conservative. I’d be honored to earn your vote.

State Sen. Randy Feenstra is a Republican from Hull in Sioux County.

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