Why do I back Trump? Where do I start?

Churdan farmer Jeff J. Pudenz was recently asked why he continues to enthusiastically back President Donald Trump.

This is his response.


Year-round E15

$867 billion Farm Bill

More conservation practices

Less regulations

Paid farmers for loss of income because of trade wars


Reciprocity in all our trade deals

Raise up anybody willing to work

Less unemployment by 4 million people

Higher stock market

Less regulations

Largest tax break since Reagan

More jobs with higher pay

Repatriating money and business back to the USA

Increased jobs for all minorities

Vets and military

No new wars

Getting us out of the wars

Quit being the world’s police

Diplomacy with North Korea

Rebuilt military

Bringing home soldier remains from North Korea

Keeping our promises to our vets

Cleaned up the VA

Vets can go to their own doctors

Crushed ISIS

USA nationalism

Stand for national anthem, respect USA

Not apologizing for USA winning

NATO pay their share

U.N. pay their share

No aid to countries that oppose the U.S.

Health care

Replace Obamacare

Health care tax rescinded

Right to try

Can go to your doctor

First-time ever drug prices decreased


The wall

Legal, not illegal, immigration

Enforcing laws that are on the books

Fighting human trafficking

Fighting slave labor

Fighting crime and drugs

Other points

Less crippling regulations

Support parents to open enroll their children

Support teaching subject matter, not agendas

Positive prison reforms

Progressive not obstructionist

Not a politician

Not a lawyer

Not bought off

Gives his salary to the Department of Education

Draining the swamp

Making people accountable in the government






Pro-Constitutional judges

Govern through strength not from behind

Anti-paying for abortions

Anti-paying for sex changes

Anti-crime and drugs


Anti-transgender bathrooms


As for those that say they don’t like Trump’s past, I say you without sin, throw the first stone (John 8:1-11).

Something else to think about: 2 Thessalonians 3:1-16 and 2 Timothy 4:3-5.


Some of President Trump’s accomplishments since he took office:



23 Blocks foreign aid for abortion.

31 Nominates conservative Neil Gorsuch.


7  Saved $700 million on F-35 fighter jets.

22 Revoked transgender toilets in public schools.


17 Wall Street Journal admitted that Trump “is rolling back more regulations.”


22 First president to visit the Wailing Wall.


1 Paris Climate Accord/Yellow Jackets/President Macron putting a carbon tax on the people.

26 Donates his salary to Department of Education. When Obama took office, he was worth $1.3 million; when he left office, his net worth was $40 million.


25 Imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s government.


5 Revoked anchor baby policy or DACA; attacked human trafficking.

21 Imposed sanctions on North Korea.


12 FBI sanctioned Crisscross; recovered underage victims in human trafficking across the nation.

15 Secured the release of three American athletes in China and others.

21 Defeated ISIS in Raqqah.

24 U.S. government released 77 million acres for oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, making the U.S. the largest producer of oil.

26 IRS was made accountable for targeting conservative Tea Party groups and settlements were made by the Department of Justice.


9 Negotiated $250 billion trade deal with China.

17 U.S. forces retook Raqqah, the last prominent city held by ISIS and Syria.


6 Trump recognized Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

14 Set the record appointing conservative federal judges.

19 Signed into law the largest tax cut and biggest tax reform since Ronald Reagan 30 years ago.

22 Repealed Obamacare mandate. Now you can see your own doctor.

25 Brought Christmas back to the White House.



14 Eliminated 22 regulations for every new one.

18 Conscience and Religious Freedom Division of the Office for Civil Rights within the DHHS. Rights of Christians.

19 First president to address the March for Life.


8 Lowest job claims in 45 years.


6 3.9 million jobs added since Trump took office.


9 Secured release of three Christians held in North Korea.

14 U.S. embassy opens in Jerusalem.

21 Revised Obama’s deal  with communist Cuba.

24 Pardoned Jack Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight boxing champion. (He was married to a white woman, and in 1913 was arrested for violating the Mann Act for transporting women across a state line for “immoral purposes,” a racially motivated charge.)


6 Pardoned Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old African-American serving 22 years for first-time drug offense (lobbied by Kim Kardashian).

12 Met with Kim Jong Un  and secured the return of the remains of American soldiers.

27 Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban.


9 Nominated Brent Kavanaugh to Supreme Court.

19 Jobless lowest since 1969.


6 Brent Kavanaugh confirmed to Supreme Court.


12 $867 billion Farm Bill passed.

9-12 The Trump administration has achieved the largest international sex trafficking ring bust in U.S. history.

21 Enacted the International Emergency Powers Act, freezing approximately 9,000 bank accounts around the world for stealing over $7 trillion from the U.S. taxpayers.

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