Steve King’s time is up

Steve King has been offensive for a long time and it never bothered many Republicans, Randy Feenstra among them. 

That’s why we think we know who that guy driving the pickup with Dixie in the shape of a heart in his back window with the gun rack will vote for in a primary, and it won’t be a Dordt College professor from Hull. 

It will be Steve King, straight-talking son of a gun just like Trump.

Even if Feenstra pulls off a victory, he is King Lite: Another Trump acolyte who can’t really answer for the president but mindlessly stands with him four-square.

Which is why it is such a good thing to hear that JD Scholten, a Democrat from Sioux City, is running for Congress again. Voters in the Fourth District can send a message that we have had enough of this nonsense. 

Scholten nearly knocked off King in the 2018 election, and believes he will beat King this time.

We certainly hope so. 

King is an embarrassment to the 39 counties of northwest Iowa he underserves. He is a white nationalist. He is crass and filled with his own crackpot version of history dreamed up by Steve King. 

Feenstra called on northwest Iowa to boycott Des Moines — but then Hull Western Christian had to play in the state tournament. He is a fool.

Scholten is an affable former semi-pro pitcher and paralegal who understands farms, small towns and family values, and is willing to listen. He tours around in Sioux City Sue, his used Winnebago, in every little village of the Fourth and delivers a dose of optimism with a dollop of horse sense that makes you think he actually has your best interests at heart. 

People who meet him can’t help but like him.

He rolled out his campaign with an impressive video narrated by Kevin Costner (“Field of Dreams”). For once, a Democrat in the Fourth District has money behind him. 

Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar are on board with him. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has targeted this race.

This is the campaign. Steve King’s time is up. Randy Feenstra is no better. 

We are tired of rural decline, of race-baiting disguised as national security, of fear and division. 

JD Scholten offers us an optimistic vision where rural communities can come together and grow again, where farmers are not treated as throw-aways in trade talks, and where everyone has a seat at the table no matter their ethnicity.

JD Scholten can clear the slate and bring friends together around integrity, fairness and common sense. 

He deserves everyone’s support.

Art Cullen is the Pulitzer Prize-winning editor of The Storm Lake Times.

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