National 4-H Week is Oct. 6-12

The 4-H program provides leadership in positive youth development in the areas of citizenship, healthy living and science. 4-H emphasizes the importance of young people connecting to their communities; being well-informed and engaged in service projects; developing leadership skills; and preparing for college, work and life. 

This year, as National 4-H Week approaches, the Greenbrier 4-H Club members reflected on some of the knowledge and values gained this year.

• Cody Stephenson learned when showing sheep at state fair, you do not lift them to set them up.

• Kaleah Messer learned how to extract strawberry DNA.

• Sadie Gilbertson learned to pay attention to what the sheep judge says to others, so she could make those changes.

• Becca Anderson learned the need to work with her animals more so when they are set up they will stay in that position.

• Naphtali Hoyt learned about getting her keys from the top of a building at the fair.

Other Greenbrier members learned: 

• How to get hogs ready for the fair.

• That cows are a lot of work.

• How to make a hovercraft from a balloon and CD.

• The parts of sheep.

• How to show sheep and how important patience is when showing them.

• How to make an origami bookmark.

• How to make your own jewelry.

• About life in Nicaragua.

• That judges look at the neatness of the writing on your projects.

• That with volunteer help, in several years, I could shear sheep by myself.

• That when I take a photo, I need to pay attention to how much light is shining on the object.

• More about showing my animals.

• That fair is fun.

• Lots of new stuff.

Greenbrier’s graduating seniors said thanks for the lessons learned over the years. 

One remarked that because of 4-H the last nine years, I have become a better person. 

Another one said 4-H has given me so much. It has made me come out of my shell and be able to talk in front of a group easily. And continued by saying I will miss the monthly meetings, potlucks, basketball games, and especially fair.

4-H teaches leadership, communication and life skills. It allows youth to pick from over 40 project areas to explore, and it builds relationships with caring, trusted adults.

Where else can youth get involved with anything from robotics to photography, child development to gardening?  

Nearly 200 students in our county are involved in 4-H; with over 50 adults in this community dedicating their time to the development of those kids through 4-H. 

We have heard from the learnings already stated that 4-H makes a difference in the lives of youth.

The many opportunities of 4-H may be discovered by contacting the Greene County Extension office in Jefferson.

Linda Hedges is a leader in the Greenbrier 4-H Club.

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