Miss Cleo goes to Washington

This week the Des Moines Register published a story shining light on the fact that second-time Steve King challenger Kim Weaver moonlighted as a psychic.

After a 22-point loss to King in 2016, followed by a failed run for chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, Weaver decided to make another go at unseating the northwest Iowa conservative lightning rod.

Weaver rebuffed the story stating that she only did it for “entertainment purposes” and it was never a substantial portion of her income.

She charged up to $3.99 to listen to distraught women who recently lost their husbands or comforting them with made up accounts of things yet to come.

This fact has been no secret.

Republicans at picnics have been joking about her internet and phone tarot readings under the alias “Kimberanne” for a couple of years. What isn’t funny, however, is the fact that she spends her evenings hustling elderly people with a scam by taking advantage of their vulnerability while spending her days as a long-term care ombudsman for the Iowa Department of Aging.

It is very concerning that a person who doesn’t mind suckering elderly people would serve as their trustee.

Democrats have dug in their heals in her defense. One activist stated, “How is being a successful psychic different than other religiously clerical vocations? Superstition is superstition.”

As a Republican, I hope she takes that approach.  I am sure Dutch communities like Orange City will respond appropriately if she compares Christian faith to tarot cards and crystal balls.

Weaver has grown her scam from taking advantage of vulnerable elderly to making over six figures by pandering to sucker liberals that donate to her campaign. I’m guessing her current scam had brought in more than she ever dreamed of while charting stars for dollars.

Now, I don’t claim to have any kind of psychic abilities.  I’ve never touched a tarot card or a shrunken head. But I did see the Tom Hanks film “Big,” where he makes the wish on the Zoltar machine. So I do feel comfortable with my sixth sense enough to make this psychic prediction:

Kim Weaver is going to lose.

John Thompson, of Jefferson, is a member of the Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee and a candidate for state treasurer.

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