The kooks are coming

Democrats are off to a bad 2018.

The parade of vagina suits isn’t just shouting down citizens as they try to talk to their elected officials at town halls.

I don’t know who they think they’re winning over that way.

Have you ever seen a toddler have a temper tantrum for candy at a grocery store and thought to yourself, “Huh, that kid’s got a point?”

Well, those kooks are also running for office.

The challenger for Steve King moonlights as a “psychic.”

Northeast Iowa Congressman Rod Blum’s forthcoming challenger, state Rep. Abby Finkenauer, is described by those who know her at the Capitol as “Mean Forrest Gump” because she is cruel to staff and so dull-witted she is rumored to have scored an incredibly low 16 on her ACT.

Critics challenged her to release her score transcripts; she responded she would if Trump’s tax return was made public. Despite MSNBC posting Trump’s tax return, Mean Abby hasn’t come through on her promise.

And Des Moines area Congressman David Young’s challenger just stated she is running for Congress to crack down on churches and force them to accept her Social Justice Warrior views.

Anna Ryon took to Facebook to condemn the Iowa Methodist Conference for disciplining an openly gay pastor for performing a gay wedding.

The Iowa Methodist Conference has been self-selecting their leaders for about 30 years. It is now full of left-wing radicals. In 2014, the bishop who oversees the conference was arrested in D.C. for protesting Obama’s immigration policy because it was “too conservative.”

However, the Methodist congregations are not liberal. They have no idea that their conference is lobbying at the state Capitol for sanctuary cities or that their collection plate donations turn into apportions that are funding abortions and taking away gun rights.

But the General Conference of the Methodist Church, which is international, is predominantly made up of Asian and African countries that are conservative. So the Iowa Conference often finds itself at odds with the church governing body.

When one of the Iowa pastors, Anna Blaedel, decided to come out as a lesbian last year, the Iowa Conference ignored the General Conference’s concerns and swept it under the rug. But when the same pastor went to Claremore, Okla., a few weeks ago and performed a gay marriage, they had an angry Sooner Conference down there in addition to a scorned General Conference.

So the Iowa Conference finally did something.

Blaedel had to file her clergy credentials and attest that she was authorized to perform the wedding. She then posted on Facebook she knowingly did so against the will of the church. (Perjury is a felony in Oklahoma.)

Blaedel is finally in trouble and Ryon went to her defense.  

“This is why I’m running for Congress. It is simply not acceptable that we have institutions with power and authority, both political and religious, who refuse to denounce hatred.”

Of course Ryon gets to define “hatred.” And the Methodist position on gays Ryon calls hate comes from the Book of Discipline:

“Although we don’t condone the practice of homosexuality and consider the practice incompatible with Christian teaching, we affirm that God’s grace is available to all.”

That doesn’t sound like “hate” to me.

I asked Ryon to clarify her position that she thinks that the government should force churches to marry gay couples. She knows I’m opposition so she used lawyer-speak, but she reaffirmed that she did.

“As an ordained minister, state law determines whether (Blaedel) is authorized to conduct marriage ceremonies.”  

Ryon is going to have a tough time when she gets out of her “safe space” with the other 770,000 she wants to represent who aren’t confused about their gender, appreciate personal responsibility and are concerned about issues like jobs, taxes and terrorists.

And she may be able to parse words with me, but those folks deserve to hear it straight.

Dave Yepsen, I know you read this paper. When she comes on “Iowa Press” please ask her a yes or no question: “Anna, should the government force churches to perform gay marriages?”

If a person cannot easily say “no” to that question they fail the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Democrats used to at least make it to the Second before they lost my vote.

John Thompson, of Jefferson, is a member of the Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee and a candidate for state treasurer.

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