Bread wrappers in rural Iowa?

GREENFIELD — The farm girls I grew up with in the Hebron and Zion areas of Adair County had overshoes, which were a necessity on the farm because doing the chores with bread bags over their footwear — a tactic Sen. Joni Ernst recalls to charm the national (and urban media) — just wouldn’t work in the hog lots or the hen houses.

My father had his knees replaced because of the gooey southern Iowa clay. Bread wrappers would not work on any southern Iowa farm where I lived.

As for the bread ... my mother baked bread weekly to save money and it was better for you, tasted better — and I can bet the wheat farmers appreciated the sales, too.

So, needless to say, bread wrappers were scarce in my home.

Maybe the  bread wrappers could have been worn “inside”  the shoes, over the socks, but I can bet the sweaty feet were not pleasant. If worn over the shoes one could say they tore quickly getting to the bus and on the gravel roads.  

My guess is the town kids knew more of bread wrappers than the farm kids.

Editor’s Note: Linda Sidey is the former editor and publisher of the Adair County Free Press in Greenfield.

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