We’re still safe ... just not that safe

Wait, what does SafeWise know that Safe Choice doesn’t?

A second home security company — Utah-based SafeWise — has released its list of the “30 Safest Cities in Iowa,” ranking Jefferson at No. 7.

Earlier this fall, a similar list from Safe Choice put Jefferson on top as the No. 1 safest city in the state.

SafeWise — anybody else getting confused here? — on Monday named Bloomfield, the county seat of Davis County, as its pick for the safest city in Iowa, followed by Grundy Center and Marengo.

We ended up behind No. 6 Denison — can we request a recount?! — on the new list.

Maybe we should just wait patiently for ADT to release a list, too.

Like Safe Choice, SafeWise crunched FBI crime data for 2012.

SafeWise writes that Jefferson was “completely free of murder, arson, forcible rape and robbery.”


Jefferson had .46 violent crimes per 1,000, and 6.22 property crimes per 1,000.

At least Jefferson didn’t suffer the drop in ranking that Carroll did, sliding from 10th place on the Safe Choice list to 29th on the new SafeWise list.

What does that mean?

It means that when you make that run to Culver’s in Carroll for some frozen custard, may God protect you.

And, also, when you drive through Glidden, just keep the doors locked and don’t slow down.

— Andrew McGinn

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