Scranton Manufacturing has at least 7 infected workers


Seven Scranton Manufacturing employees have confirmed coronavirus infections, and six more were self-isolating at home because they are potentially infected as of Monday afternoon, according to company officials.

“We have no plans to shut anything down,” said Don Ross, vice president of sales and marketing for McLaughlin Family Companies, which operates Scranton Manufacturing and New Way Trucks in Scranton and Carroll. “It’s a very small percentage of the total population.”

Six of the infected employees work in Scranton, and one works in Carroll. Together the two manufacturing facilities have about 525 employees.

Two of the employees tested positive for the virus this past weekend, and 11 were negative, which Ross said was “encouraging news.”

The company has increased its cleaning and sanitizing and has held meetings outside or online to help limit personal contact among its employees.

“Luckily for us, most of our jobs are spaced out adequately, although from time to time there are people who are working within that six-foot radius,” Luke Gray, director of human resources, said in reference to social-distancing guidelines that have been recommended by health experts.

The company has also relaxed its attendance policies to allow people to stay home from work if they are more vulnerable to the virus. Those who have obesity, asthma, diabetes or heart disease can become seriously ill if they are infected.

“We’re trying to stay ahead of this,” Gray said.

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