Peg Gannon speaks at the Rippey Public Library. Science Center of Iowa presents at the Rippey Public Library.

Rippey Library shares upcoming events


— Tanner Scheurmann from Greene County Conservation is coming to the Rippey Public Library to do a talk on July 18th at noon on water quality.

— Judy Tomenga is doing Rippey Yoga on Wednesdays at 7:30 am. Meet at the Rippey Public Library on July 19th and join in on the fun. 


— On July 11th, the Science Center of Iowa came to the Rippey Public Library. This was the start of Science Week. We had 15 people attend. It was a very interesting program. We learned about how pressure and how explosions happen. One of the best parts was learning about how fireworks have different colors because of the salt used in them. 

Also, learning about hydrogen and how it can combust in so many different ways. Fun was had by all.

— Peg Gannon came to the library to talk about her nature photography on July 8th. 10 people came and learned about the photography basics and animals/nature in Greene County. 

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