Northland Securities says comm tower will cost less than anticipated

By Rick Morain
Jefferson Herald

The Greene County board of supervisors on Nov. 15 heard a presentation from Heidi Kuhl of Northland Securities on financing for the county’s planned new E911 radio tower and equipment.

Kuhl said that the original $3.8 million the board earlier approved for the bonding has been significantly reduced to $3,227,910. She provided bond financing schedules using 8, 10, 12, and 15 year terms, and the estimated tax impact on the debt service rate for each length of term.

She also discussed a proposed schedule of events still needed in order to complete the issuance and closing on the bonds, pointing toward completion of those steps before the middle of February.
The board indicated its preference for a 10-year bond repayment schedule, but made no official decision.


• On other matters, sheriff Jack Williams discussed the results of the jail bond question that failed at the Nov. 8 election. The referendum received 57.5 percent approval from Greene County voters, short of the minimum 60 percent needed for passage.
Williams proposed that the board hold another special election in September 2023 to revisit the measure. The county’s current jail is in danger of being closed by the state because it doesn’t meet Iowa’s jail standards.
• Chuck Wenthold reported that National Grid Renewables has sent a letter for an open house for the Grand Junction solar field project, to be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 21 at the Grand Junction Community Center. Landowners within 1,000 feet of the project’s proposed boundary were included in the mailing.
• The board voted to change deputy sheriff Shane Allen’s rank from sergeant to captain with no change in rate of pay. Sheriff Williams explained that the change in title will match Allen’s responsibilities with his rank.
• County engineer Wade Weiss said he will meet with the Jefferson street committee to discuss the Jackson Bridge (Grimmell Road bridge) proposed improvement project, including funding information.
• Jefferson city administrator Mike Palmer updated the board on city projects and activities. He said the new animal shelter is scheduled for substantial completion this week.
• At the end of the meeting the board conducted its official canvass of the county’s Nov. 8 general election results. A total of 3,671 ballots were cast, representing 56.2 percent of the county’s registered voters.
    The canvass changed no previously announced results. Totals were as follows:
    County Supervisor District 2: incumbent Dawn Rudolph (R) 2,940, scattering 54.
    County Supervisor District 3: Dan Benitz (R) 2,243, Mike Holden (D) 1,324, scattering 8.
    County Treasurer: incumbent Katlynn Mechaelsen (R) 3,020, scattering 29.
    County Recorder: incumbent Deb McDonald (D) 2,678, scattering 56.
    County Attorney: incumbent Thomas Laehn (L) 2,620, scattering 59.
    Dawson Township Trustee: Scott Walker 60, scattering 2.
    Dawson Township Clerk: Becki Cunningham 64.
    Franklin Township Trustee: Douglas Lawton 57.
    Franklin Township Clerk: Linda Tipton 57.
    Grant Township Trustee: Peg Semke 93.
    Grant Township Clerk: Marvin Rasmussen 96.
    Greenbrier Township Trustee: Brent Badger 48, scattering 2.
    Greenbrier Township Clerk: Judy Contner 49, scattering 1.
    Highland Township Trustee: John McCormick 47, scattering 5.
    Highland Township Clerk: Marsha Subbert 57, scattering 2.
    Jackson Township Trustee: Joshua Hedges 100, scattering 2.
    Jackson Township Clerk: Tom Lawton 90, scattering 2.
    Junction Township Trustee: Wade Sohm 83.
    Junction Township Clerk: Linda Huffman 90, scattering 1.
    Kendrick Trustee: Dennis C. Paup 73, scattering 1.
    Kendrick Township Clerk: Dawn Thielen 69, scattering 1.
    Scranton Township Trustee: Glenn Christensen 62, scattering 1.
    Scranton Township Clerk: Debra F. Fey 59, scattering 3.
    Washington Township Trustee: Mary Hick 71, scattering 2.
    Washington Township Trustee (vacancy): Neal Dollinger 66, scattering 1.
    Washington Township Clerk: Jean Borgeson 76, scattering 2.
    Willow Township Trustee: Michael Carter 51, scattering 5.
    Willow Township Clerk: Gina Arnold 56, scattering 2.
    County Hospital Trustee (5 elected): Douglas Carman 2,353, Katherine Neese 2,239, Bill Raney 2,147, Angela Jewett 2,006, James Schleisman 2,000, scattering 62.
    Soil and Water Commission (2 elected): Bill Frederick 2,333, Andy Krieger 2,207, scattering 18.
    Agri-Extension (5 elected): Jeff Lamoureux 2,163, Tracy Deal 2,155, Keith Pedersen 2,106, Pam Olerich 2,080, Bruce Bahnson 1,841, scattering 36.
    Retain Supreme Court Judges: Matthew McDermott 1,629 yes, 909 no; Dana L. Oxley 1,429 yes, 949 no.
    Retain Appeals Court Judges: Gina Badding 1,513 yes, 844 no.
    Retain Judicial District 2B Judges: Jennifer A. Miller 1,510 yes, 830 no; John R. Flynn 1,460 yes, 884 no; Steven Van Marel 1,459 yes, 851 no; John J. Haney 1,408 yes, 886 no.
    Constitutional Amendment (right of people of Iowa to keep and bear arms): yes 2,582, no 830.
    General obligation capital loan issuance not exceeding $12.685 million for new Greene County jail: yes 1,962, no 1,454 (57.5% yes, needed 60% for passage).


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