New school, new look: Rebranded Ram ready for rollout


Remi has never looked more fierce.

The Greene County Community School District is readying the rollout of a new logo — a proprietary Ram head created by a pair of homegrown designers — to coincide with the construction of the new high school.

Set to open this fall, the building situated just south of U.S. Highway 30 in Jefferson will usher in a new, modern and sleek Greene County era. Greene County Activities Director Todd Gordon said the rebranded logo will neatly identify the district.

“The logo will be entirely ours,” he said. “There isn’t one out there that everyone is using.”

The primary new logo is a modernized version of the Ram known to generations of local students as Remi. There are also secondary logos, including the letters “GC” in red and black.

Gordon worked with a pair of Jefferson-Scranton graduates — Michael Reese and Joel Friday — to conjure up a return to a ram head logo of old, complete with the horns, but with a sleeker look.

Greene County introduced its current logo — a red and black ram with raised front legs and a lowered head pointed to the right — when the East Greene Community School District consolidated with Jefferson-Scranton in 2012, creating the Greene County school district.

The overall goal, Gordon said, was to produce a logo that is distinct and recognizable not only throughout Greene County, but the entire state. He wants Greene County to be synonymous with its new brand.

“It’s just another way that we can solidify who we are and have it so people know that that’s our logo now,” Gordon said. “The charging ram’s been good, I like it. But I think this will be more reproducible for us and we will be able to use in a lot more different contexts than the charging ram.”

Gordon looked to move away from the charging ram logo because it was a challenge to reproduce on clothing, uniforms and other items.

“We never really had it in a way that it could be very clear,” he said. “For example, if you put it on something and got it real big, it would get real fuzzy.”

Gordon, who arrived in Jefferson last summer, previously implemented new logos at Carlisle and Des Moines Roosevelt. In his latest endeavor, Gordon connected with Reese and Friday to help with a logo redesign, which eventually morphed into a total rebrand.

Reese, a 1995 J-S graduate, owns a marketing company in Johnston (Atlas Sports Group) with clients that include Division I athletics. Friday, also a 1995 J-S graduate,  is the executive creative director for Andrews McMeel Creative Services in Kansas City. He leads marking for corporate and brand-name companies. 

The red-and-black “GC” and other wording will feature the school’s own font, making it the unique property of the local district, along with the accompanying trademark.

Gordon admits that when he first reached out to Reese and Friday, he didn’t plan on a full makeover. But when they launched themselves into the project with remarkable enthusiasm, it spiraled into something even better.

“(Reese and Friday) have been so gracious and accommodating with their talents and their communication,” Gordon said. “They wanted to give back to Greene County and to the school and the community. It worked out and we’ve all benefited. It’s been a really nice thing and project to work on.”

The new high school will feature the new logo throughout its hallways and classrooms. The gym floor — future home of Ram basketball, volleyball and wrestling — will don the new logo as well. 

Greene County’s colors — red and black — will remain the same, but different variations of the “GC” logo and the Ram will be available for use on things such as T-shirts, flyers, flags and other apparel. New uniforms will slowly roll in as the budget allows over the next few years.

The rewarding part of the rebrand, Gordon said, is how the school involved a pair of graduates who weren’t afraid to flaunt their hometown pride.

“It’s really cool to have these two graduates be involved in this and they’re really proud of their education they got here. They are really proud of Jefferson and Greene County,” Gordon said. “That’s the most exciting part for me. These are people that really have a love for this place and just want to give back in this way.

“It shows you if you’ve got a talent and you want to give back, there’s a way to do that. That’s a great lesson for all of us to really take to heart.”

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