Grundon: Iowa Central has ‘allowed me to grow greatly’

Special to the Jefferson Herald

Andrea Grundon enrolled at Iowa Central with a strong resume of performing and inspiring while attending Greene County High School.

Grundon did large group and individual speech all four years at Greene County and held the lead role in two musicals.

She has remained active since coming to Iowa Central, taking part in four different choirs while also performing in the recently-completed spring musical, The Little Mermaid.

“I chose Iowa Central because they offered a lot of classes through my high school and I knew I wanted to go to a community college before transferring to a larger university,” Grundon said. “Iowa Central just seemed like the perfect fit.”

It didn’t hurt having the likes of Teresa Jackson, Ashley Garst and Will Lopes to learn under for Grundon, either.

“I love the music department here at Iowa Central,” she said. “I love all four choirs I’m involved in. The music department is where I have made the most of my friends because the students are all just so kind and compassionate.

“Will Lopes is an absolutely phenomenal instructor of music, as well. I have learned so much from him. Teresa Jackson and Ashley Garst are so unique. They were two of the first people I spoke to on the campus and they are so good at what they do.

“They both work together on the theater aspect of college and go above and beyond with everything that they do. Outside of theater, you can also speak to them if you ever just need to talk and I think that separates a good instructor from a great one.”

But Iowa Central has given Grundon even more than just a chance to continue her performing career.

“Iowa Central has allowed me to grow as an individual and student greatly,” she said. “I feel I am more organized and resourceful because of the opportunities I have been given here. In terms of theater, Teresa Jackson has taught me so much. I have grown leaps and bounds as a performer because of everything she has shown me.

“As a student, the resources around campus have allowed me to grow exponentially as well. I use the SRC (Student Resource Center) quite often to study and finish homework assignments. Resources such as that one have allowed me to be a successful student who is still greatly involved in theater and choir.”

For more information about the Iowa Central music and theater program, check out their website ( and Facebook page (Iowa Central Community College Music & Theatre).

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