Felon arrested for firearm



CHURDAN — A 63-year-old rural Churdan man was arrested last week for violating the terms of his supervised release from federal prison by possessing a rifle, according to court records.

John Joseph “Freebird” Minnehan was released from federal prison in August after serving 10 years for selling methamphetamine in South Carolina, court records show.

In November, a federal probation officer did an unannounced search of Minnehan’s house in the 600 block of 150th Street — about three miles southwest of Churdan — and found a .22-caliber rifle in the basement hidden behind a furnace.

Minnehan is a felon who cannot legally possess a firearm. He told the probation officer that he had found it near the furnace about a week prior when he was replacing an air filter.

“John said he was waiting for his brother to come visit, and he was going to get rid of the gun then,” according to a criminal complaint that charged him in state court with a felony for having the gun. He was set to plead guilty to that charge on Friday and receive a suspended prison sentence but was arrested last week by a U.S. marshal.

Minnehan faces years in federal prison if a judge rules that he violated his supervised release.

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