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Farmer, son in trouble for wielding shotguns


SCRANTON — A Scranton farmer and his son armed with shotguns threatened two men in a late-night, gravel-road confrontation because they suspected the men of stealing from the son, according to court records.

Brian Douglas Hunter, 57, and Kolbe Richard Hunter, 19, are charged with assault while displaying a dangerous weapon for the incident, which happened about midnight on Sept. 7.

Two men were in trucks traveling south from Scranton to Coon Rapids when they stopped and spun their tires in front of Kolbe Hunter’s house about four miles south of Scranton on D Avenue, a gravel road.

Hunter called his father, Brian Hunter, and said he thought the men might have previously stolen from him. 

Brian Hunter, who lives about four miles south of his son, allegedly parked his pickup truck on the road to block the men’s path.

When the first man stopped his truck, he saw Brian Hunter standing on the roadway with a shotgun, court records show.

“Brian yelled at him to get out of the truck and fired a shot in the air,” according to court records.

The second man stopped his truck, and Kolbe Hunter stopped behind him.

“Kolbe pointed a shotgun at (the second man) and told him to get out of the truck,” court records show.

The man refused. He and Kolbe Hunter were previously close friends, court records show.

A third person was with the Hunters and also might have been armed, but he was not charged with a crime.

The Hunters and the men shouted at each other about the alleged theft. It’s unclear in court records what had been stolen and how long the argument went.

The charges are misdemeanors punishable by up to two years in prison.

Both of the Hunters posted a $2,000 bond to be released from jail.

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