Candidates announced for Nov. 3 city elections

Staff report
Craig Berry will run unopposed Nov. 3 for another term as Jefferson mayor — but seven candidates will have to duke it out for two other seats on the city council.

The Greene County Auditor’s office Friday morning released the names of candidates who filed to run for this fall’s countywide city elections.

In Jefferson, Matt Wetrich will challenge incumbent councilwoman Lisa Jaskey for the District 2 seat.

For a single at-large seat, candidates include Brandon Gustoff, Lisa Turner, MeLinda Madison-Millard, Brett Cranston and David Sloan.

The other ballot lineups:


Mayor: Joleen Killeen

Council members (vote for three): Steve Killeen, Roger M. Olson, Jason Minnehan

Council members to fill vacancies (vote for two): Heidi Geisler, Nick Christianson


Mayor: Mandy Sims

Council members (vote for two): Anthony Sims, Karlan Langfitt

Council member to fill a vacancy: Christopher Jon Vargas

Grand Junction

Mayor: David Kersey, Gerold F. Herrick

Council members (vote for two): Alan Robinson, Meladee Graven


Mayor: No candidate

Council members (vote for three): Judy Wilson, Casey Kaufman, Eric Geisler


Mayor: Daniel Brubaker

Council members (vote for three): Ned Johnston, Richard Liebich, Jon Allen

Council member to fill a vacancy: Donald Carpenter


Mayor: Tina Walker, Randy Winkelman

Council members (vote for three): Ethel Subbert, Connie A. Scrivner

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