The Bushmen (from left): Roger Dunlop, Bruce Smith, David Baller and David Williamson.

The big boss sound of Jefferson’s Fab Four


They had the right boots — Cuban-heeled, with sharp-pointed toes.

They had the right suit jackets — collarless, and all made to match.

And, they had the right hair — until high school principal Frank Linduska sent them all packing to the barbershop.

With Beatlemania rapidly unfolding in 1964, the Bushmen looked to grab a piece of the action right here in Jefferson.

The local band went on to represent Jefferson and Greene County across the state at teen hops and on TV and radio.

It’s now been 50 years since the Beatles invaded America, inspiring hundreds, if not thousands, of impressionable teens to take up guitars and drums.

In the Feb. 6 issue of The Jefferson Herald, the Bushmen recall their brief but memorable reign as Jefferson’s Fab Four.

And, here at, we blow the lid off the Bushmen vault with a 15-minute audio excerpt of their 1966 farewell concert.

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