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The Masters brings out the artist in all of us


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This week is one giant winner's blog, because, frankly, it's a hell of a winner. 

In my book (the only book that really matters), the Masters golf tournament kicks off spring every year. There’s no question about it. 

The gorgeous azaleas, Amen Corner and Magnolia Lane – it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s and golfer’s dream of dreams. 

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to play just one hole at Augusta National. 

The pristine course set in Augusta, Georgia is the pinnacle of golf. 

What makes the famed Masters tournament even better is it typically lands on, or around my birthday – now that’s some figurative icing on the cake if I’ve ever seen it. 

The galleries, the pin-seeking shots, the music (Oh, the music) Jim Nantz, David Feherty and the spectacle of it all. 

I don’t always watch the Masters end to end, because, frankly, time doesn’t always permit, but I make sure to soak in a few rounds or two. It’s calming, yet exciting, if that makes any sense. There’s something about watching world-class golf in the most beautiful and legendary course in America that gets me fired up for summer. 

It’s that more enticing because of the fact that we Iowans, have to endure numerous rainy, gloomy and cold days in the spring. You flip on the TV and there’s sun, blooming flowers, short sleeve shirts and smiles around. 

For many people, watching golf on TV is an absolute chore. These pros make booming, 330-yard drives look routine and drain huge putts that I could only ever dream of sinking. I enjoy watching golf. It’s a tough sport, so when I get the chance to take in top-notch athletes pour in birdies and sometimes even double bogeys (Hey, I can do that, too!) I’m going to tune in.  

And of course, there’s Amen Corner, the yellow flags and the Greene Jacket. No jacket in sports besides maybe those yellowish, gold NFL hall of fame jackets are synonymous with one color. Mention the Green Jacket to any sports enthusiasts and they know exactly what you are talking about. 

It’s such a pristine piece of clothing, and this shade of green looks beautiful on everyone. What I wouldn’t give to slip into that jacket just once. 

The most snotty tradition of all, Butler Cabin, is still a decently cool one. They host the post tournament interview with the winner there, and the great Nantz is the host. 

Everything about the Masters (besides Augusta’s incredibly sketchy membership history) is wonderful. So settle in, grab a cocktail or two and your favorite chair and get ready for a relaxing weekend. You’ll be ready for spring once it’s all said and done. 

It’s a true masterpiece, we are witnessing the purest form of art.

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